New Schools

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Hahnville High School
Hahnville High School in 2010.

Two new public high schools opened in 1976: Destrehan High School in Destrehan and Hahnville High School in Mozella. They continue to serve students at the same sites in 2010.

Both schools offer advanced studies programs, as well as art and music. They both are known for their top notch athletic programs. A recently opened Satellite Center in Luling offers specialized courses for juniors and seniors of both schools. These include culinary arts, healthcare, teacher preparation, and TV production.

Destrehan High School
Destrehan High School in 2010.

This text is copyright © material by Marilyn Richoux, Joan Becnel and Suzanne Friloux, from St. Charles Parish, Louisiana: A Pictorial History, 2010.

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